Heart Your Body Charitable Trust

Heart Your Body Charitable Trust

Heart Your Body Charitable Trust is an organization whose purpose is to help people cultivate a healthy body image. Through scholarships, seminars, workshops, and by providing educational resources, we coach peoole how to combat negative internal and external messages that prevent them from being comfortable in their skin. We also provide support to parents and siblings of those with ED.

Here at HeartYourBody(HYB) our not for profit strives to make advancements in Eating Disorder awareness and the possibilities for total recovery. Our recent engagements include:

1. Supporting legislation where schools depart from sending home unhelpful statistics on BMI and instead share material on signs of ED.


2. HYB funds an annual art scholarship at Wayne Art Center, Wayne PA in memory of Alexandra Rapoport. High schools student showing promise in art skills are eligible for this scholarship.

3. HYB encourages yoga and meditation for positive body imaging . www.Yoga4EatingDisorders.com

4. HYB is developing a scholarship for high school students who write useful articles on body imaging.

5. We raise funds by selling hand crafted, free trade textiles from Nepal and Bhutan through our sister company, Samsara Gear. www.samsaregear.com: www.facebook.com/samsaragear/.

These clothes are mostly one size, colorful and a positive solution as you work through Eating Disorder Recovery.  


Heart Your Body is a registered not for profit with an tax EIN number, 

We accept donations and twenty percent of our profits at Samsara Gear go to Heart Your Body Charitable Trust.

Please contact us at frank.rapoport@heartyourbody.net or samsaragear@outlook.com.

Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/overcomeED


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