The Hierarchy of Mental Health Needs

The Hierarchy of Mental Health Needs

Many of us are familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - which are well-known in the world of psychology. These needs include physiological needs, safety needs, love, esteem and more. 

The Hierarchy of Mental Health needs is a more granular look at the top section of this pyramid. Without mental health, our physical and spiritual health will surely decline. That's why it's so important to really take a look at all the components of mental health and ask, Am I really taking care of this? 

In our effort to make ED, self-harm and suicide things of the past,
we hope to empower individuals who are eager to show care and demonstrate compassion toward one another. Part of this empowering is offering awareness to the people that make up our community. 

Given that mental illness can often go undetected, it's important to bolster that awareness. It's also dire to engage in difficult yet healing conversations with those in your community who may be feeling isolated. This is the most direct form of support.

When an individual feels supported they may no longer feel alone in this world, and consequently, the hold of their stigma may drastically lessen. That's how hope is born. And as you can see, hope is really the tip of the mental health iceberg. When someone sees that a solution is possible, they'll start to take action. They'll get the proper rest, socialize with others, develop coping strategies, have self compassion, et cetera. 

When you have the chance, run through the elements in this pyramid. See if there are areas where you can improve or help another with their development. 

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  • Kyle

    I’m reaching out because if I don’t I may end up a statistic or dead real soon. I have horrible ideations and no emotional or mental support. I got out of a bad relationship a few months ago and now I’m at rock bottom and scared I could fall farther. People have been horrible to me my whole life including the narcissist that adopted me a long time ago. I need help , support, understanding and most desperate for hope.

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