Live From Kathmandu

Live From Kathmandu

Hello Western World - it's me, Frank. Namaste! I'm currently on my tour of the Himalayan region with stops in Nepal and Bhutan. I'm here to seek out organic, fair trade textiles, stunning fabrics and exclusive Bohemian clothing to bring back to the States. More importantly, I'm here to connect with the amazing people here. Today, I achieved both goals and wanted to share a little bit of my experience with you.

Many of the people in Nepal struggle financially. But that doesn't keep them from being kind, positive, upbeat and spiritually free. What you'll see in the video below is a small group of co-workers having fun and creating some of the most beautiful clothing on the planet. Their personalities can be seen in every stitch they sew. And each piece carries with it a little part of the history of Kathmandu. It's truly inspiring.

When you buy something from SamSara Gear, it comes with a little sliver of enlightenment. It means you're helping people at home and abroad. With each purchase, we make a donation to help support Eating Disorder Recovery. We also help support the people of Nepal and Bhutan.

That's enough from me. Please enjoy this window to the Mystic East (and just so there's no confusion, I'm the one in a blue shirt, peach shorts and a bright red belt bag).

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