About Bhutan

About Bhutan


In May 2019, we visited Bhutan as we did in February 2018. We visited with weavers throughout the country. Here are samples of the Yatha vests 

The one vest we brought back to the US has received a tremendous amount of compliments. We hope it becomes the symbol of Eating Disorder Awareness and Recovery. We also acquired other products made from sheep and yak hair for  import. Items include coats, pocket books, shoulder bags, tablecloths, blankets and decorative Fabian for pillows and sofas. 

ABOUT YATHA and The Kingdom:

 For Bhutanese People, they consider Bumthang Yathra as the best woolen textile products in Bhutan. The Bumthang Yathra can be in any form, the most famous is the jackets, handbags, sweater, gho (Traditional Dress for men) & kira (Traditional Dress for Women), shawl, and lots more. This Yathra is woven from a special Hand Made Instrument call Three-Tha.

Bhutan is the only carbon neutral country in the world.

PLEASE contact us of your interest in our exclusive product line.  You can email us at: samsaragear@outlook.com or frankie@samsaragear.com ,or visit our ShowRoom in Wayne PA by appointment.

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