Heart Shaped Collapsible Backpack in Gyari Cotton Design or Hemp

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It won't be long before these heart-shaped collapsible backpacks have their own emoji. They are the ultimate in fashionable travel - whether its to a far off land or just a walk to campus. Hand woven from Nepali cotton or hemp  and hand stitched in the Himalayas, each bag has its own Gyari design - a traditional weave that evokes excitement and warmth. They are soft yet strong, light yet sturdy. The black metal zippers provide clean, simple opening and closing. 

These backpacks measure 20 inches by 12 inches. 

*A note on the history of Gyari design: Gyari is a village in the Chamdo prefecture in Eastern Tibet. While they're known for originating the intricate, multicolored, joyous design that employs a range of geometric lines and shapes, their neighbors in Nepal and Bhutan truly perfected the aesthetic over the past few hundred years.