Fashion Pillow

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Handwoven Himalayan Wool 

Double sided 18 by 18 

Exclusive in USA 

 Sought after my leading interior designers


We've got the most exclusive home goods and accessories for those in search of an enlightened lifestyle. Our gorgeous rugs and liners , soaps, signs and office gear make the perfect gifts for the Buddhist or Bohemian in your life. All of these products are sourced directly from Nepal or Bhutan. Let their journey be a part of your journey.

Our collection of rugs and liners from Bhutan are simply outstanding for quality and durability. They are hand loomed sheep wool, a fabric called Yathra .

 In the village of Bumthang, Kingdom of Bhutan, I met weavers who introduced me to the Yathra tradition. The Bhutanese practice a skilled craft that has been refined and perfected for a thousand years. As a result of caring work with their animals - yaks and sheep - and their exceptional handiwork, they create a fabric that is riveting, colorful, spiritual - one that has never been introduced to the United States (until now).