Men's Vest (weave of orange , blue, green and white )

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There’s nothing quite as cool as standing out in a crowd. Our collection of men's Yathra vests is the ultimate in enlightened, sustainable fashion. Each piece is handwoven in the Himalayas and completely one-of-a kind. You will be admired for your class and style. Whether you are an urban man , a suburban dad or a hip grandfather, these jackets set the bar on coolness.

We are thrilled to be the first fashion from Bhutan and to offer these amazing life vests.

Hand loomed from Himalayan Sheep Wool, our vests are colorful, tough, and project a spiritual quality. Wear with jeans or pants.

Did someone say warm ? Yes ,quite warm and suggest in winter wearing with sweater or under a parka. The compliments will be endless .

Bhutan is the only carbon neutral country in the world. Geography like Switzerland and Vermont with endless mountains and valleys. Some say the last Shangri La on Earth. A one hour flight across Mt Everest from Kathmandu, Nepal.

The  people of Bhutan have been weaving, plant dying and hand looming this sheep wool , called yathra , for 1000 years. Only in 2018, after our first visit to Bhutan, did we learn yathra had not been made available  outside the Himalayas . We accepted the challenge to bring these vests to North America and soon worldwide. We design the vests outside Philadelphia , the home of Samsara Gear, and let our weavers and tailors in Bhutan follow our patterns. 

We  have kept it simple for now - only two shade patterns: one white with multi colorful bands , and the other dark green and blue with white, orange, red and yellow bands throughout. Some vests close with zippers and others with wooden buttons and fabric clasp loops. We will diversify and offer other color mixes as we hear from YOU !


The Life Vest™ projects kindness, optimism, compassion and empathy. The Life Vest™ is for those supporting their own eating disorder recovery and for those advocating recovery for their loved ones and friends.  

Suggested Life Vest™ User Manual

Lean on your Life Vest™ to remind YOU life and love is really all we have

Let it make you to smile

Embrace its Himalayan origins

Wear it with everything or hardly anything

Dance with it

Hike with it

Meditate with it

Sleep with it

Eat balanced with it

Even cry with it

Let it kick shame and fear in the ass

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Thickness of Fabric composition.


Here is a sizing chart for Men: Size Chart