Enlightened Fashion

There are very few products that are as exciting and dynamic as our Himalayan  private label designer clothing and textiles. It isn’t just because they’re stunning and it isn’t because their quality is exceptional. Those things are true – but what really makes our line of fabrics stand out is that they tell a story. There is a history and a tradition woven into each item of wool, silk, cotton or blend. These textiles have spirit. They have soul. Better yet, they are not found elsewhere in the USA!


The story starts in Bhutan - a Himalayan country nestled just below Tibet and East of Nepal. For thousands of years, Bhutanese farmers have been raising animals with outstanding coats while local weavers have been refining the craft that makes our unique fabrics. 



In Bhutan, sheep and yak wool constitute the most important source of fabric. Because of this, they go to great lengths to care for their animals. They're fed well and allowed to roam. This nurturing translates to extraordinarily soft yet strong wool.

The sheep and yaks are sheared at intervals throughout the year. The wool is dyed by dipping it in plant and tree bark to bring out a glorious range of colors. Contrary to popular belief, after shearing sheep and yak are allowed to live out their days in the pasture. 

The weavers of Bhutan use the same techniques that were developed thousands of years ago before the Western world was discovered. This - in conjunction with advancements in loom technology - allow them to create fabrics whose beauty and quality are unparalleled by any other textile. They morph silk, wool, cotton and blends create women's and men's clothing, household goods, accessories and more. 



   Each piece of our clothing is lined with a special blend of silk and nylon, maximizing function and comfort. 




The best part of the story is that it ends with you. When you introduce these fabrics to your husband or wife, your family, your friends, your clients or your customers, you'll see that the spirit of Bhutan lives in each one.