High Vibrational Fashion

 Natural Dyes are accomplished in Bhutan using sheep and yak wool forest dyed with plants and tree bark . Natural dyes are more likely to age beautifully, and have less of an impact on the environment. They are more expensive per square foot, however, they look better over time and are less likely to soil. Samsara Gear offers a wide array of naturally died clothing including jackets, coats and vests and these are truly--

High Vibrational Fashion. 


"Everything we wear or apply to our skin gets absorbed into the
body and then our bloodstream."

Our skin is our largest organ and the most permeable. Everything
we put onto it matters.

Think about this for a moment:
• What is on your body today?
• What is it made out of?
• Where was it sourced?
• Whose hands harvested the fibers?
• Whose hands sewed it?
• Were they treated fairly?

The power of the decisions we make individually and collectively
- down to what shoes we slip onto our feet, sweaters we stretch
into or hats we toss on our head - is immense, and our bodies
and the environment feel the repercussions or benefits of those