Unisex Wool Yathra Vest with Gold Metal Buttons and Sash

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Fit: Blurring the lines of gender and functionality, our unisex fit is meant for all. Flexible fabrications and silhouettes mean these styles can fit a variety of body types. Unisex sizing allows for a more relaxed shape

There’s nothing quite as cool as standing out in a crowd. Our collection of men's Yathra vests, sweaters, shirts and accessories are the ultimate in modern Bohemian fashion. Each piece is hand-designed and completely one-of-a kind.

Sustainable Organic Clothing - no toxic chemicals, no toxic dyes, handmade, hand woven.

Carbon neutral- We are only importer of Bhutanese textiles in USA, Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world.

Hand washable and machine washable. Stain resistant, non-fading and stands up to frequent laundering.