Woman's Yathra Jacket ( orange, blue, green and white)

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There’s nothing quite as cool as standing out in a crowd. Our collection of men's and women's Yathra jackets,vests, and accessories are the ultimate in modern Bohemian fashion. Each piece is hand-designed and completely one-of-a kind.

We are thrilled to be the first fashion from Bhutan and to offer these amazing jackets.

Hand loomed from Himalayan Sheep Wool, our coats are colorful, tough, and project a spiritual quality. Wear with jeans, pants or dress up.

Did someone say warm ? Yes ,quite warm .The compliments will be endless .

Bhutan is the only carbon neutral country in the world. Geography like Switzerland and Vermont with endless mountains and valleys. Some say the last Shangri La on Earth. A one hour flight across Mt Everest from Kathmandu, Nepal.

The  people of Bhutan have been weaving, plant dying and hand looming this sheep wool , called yathra , for 1000 years. Only in 2018, after our first visit to Bhutan, did we learn yathra had not been made available  outside the Himalayas . We accepted the challenge to bring these vests to North America and soon worldwide. We design the vests outside Philadelphia , the home of Samsara Gear, and let our weavers and tailors in Bhutan follow our patterns. 

Extremely strong, Durable, Handcrafted, 100% pure fabric.

Hand washable and machine washable. Stain resistant, non-fading and stands up to annual dry cleaning