Woman's Yak Wool Coat

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There’s nothing quite as cool as standing out in a crowd. Our collection of men's and women's Yathra vests, sweaters, shirts and accessories are the ultimate in modern Bohemian fashion. Each piece is hand-designed and completely one-of-a kind.

Spring Sale- Only one Item Until Fall 2020

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In the village of Bumthang, Kingdom of Bhutan, I met weavers who introduced me to the Yathra tradition. The Bhutanese practice a skilled craft that has been refined and perfected for a thousand years. As a result of caring work with their animals - yaks and sheep - and their exceptional handiwork, they create a fabric that is riveting, colorful, spiritual - one that has never been introduced to the United States (until now). They are my source of vests, jackets, shoulder bags and table liners. Indeed, Enlightened Clothing ™, exclusively sustainable from SamSara Gear.

Extremely strong, Durable, Handcrafted, 100% pure fabric.

Made of 100% Sheep's Wool, all Hand Dyed and Hand Knit, No toxic chemicals, no toxic dyes.

Hand washable and machine washable. Stain resistant, non-fading and stands up to frequent laundering