Women's Jacket by CDK- Colored With Organic Tumeric

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Samsara Gear has exclusive distribution rights USA for prestigious CDK.


Extremely strong, Durable, Handcrafted, 100% pure fabric.

CDK is a sustainable fashion line that gives modern interpretation to traditional Bhutanese designs. CDK creates contemporary silhouettes using handloom fabrics with Bhutanese motifs and textile. Working exclusively with Bhutanese female weavers, CDK is a proud supporter of women's empowerment and a committed promoter of Bhutan’s culture of weaving.

Derived from the name of the designer, Ms. Chandrika Pakhrin, the CDK brand aspires to be more than just a clothing line. Combining fashion with social and environmental consciousness, CDK creates clothes and accessories that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good in more ways than one.Designing started as a mere hobby for Chandrika, which metamorphosed to passion and later became her profession. Before her entry into the world of design, she was a banker. Like a stereotypical young Bhutanese of her generation, at first she was content with a secure 9-5 job while hand-stitching clothes as a hobby. It took her 6 years of mundane work at the bank to realize that fashion designing was her true calling.
She resigned from her job in 2014 to pursue her passion – she spent countless hours on the internet learning about fashion design and tailored clothes at home. Soon, she turned her passion into a business when she realised that her work could fill the void in the Bhutanese fashion industry which lacked innovation and modernity. Recognising that her work could help promote and preserve Bhutanese textile as well as contribute to the country’s economy, she had all the more reason to start the CDK brand at full scale.
For Chandrika, growing the CDK brand into a sustainable and meaningful fashion brand is of utmost importance. She prefers to stay close to her roots when seeking inspiration for her designs, and she finds ways to make her designs sustainable – from using natural fabrics and dyes to using waste fabrics for her designs. In the very near future, she plans to collaborate with women entrepreneurs and skilled artisans to create unique Bhutanese products in order to help the Bhutanese creative community grow together.


Hand washable and machine washable. Stain resistant, non-fading and stands up to frequent laundering.

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