Yatha Jackets &Vests From Bhutan



In May 2019 we returned to Bhutan to huddle with our wonderfully talented weavers .Here are samples of the Yatha ( sheep and yak wool ) that the weavers use to make our vests , jackets and coats .shoulder bags, tablecloths and blankets and decorative fabric for pillows and sofas. 


This jacket features a combination of modern profile with Bhutanese traditional design. This is the most popular handmade jacket from Bhutan and is wore usually during winter, special occasion, events or functions. to put your necessities with a zipper closure. It is primarily designed as a winter jacket bag and has a royal outlook. For Bhutanese People, they consider Bumthang Yathra as the best woolen textile products in Bhutan. The Bumthang Yathra can be in any form, the most famous is the jackets, handbags, sweater, gho (Traditional Dress for men) & kira (Traditional Dress for Women), shawl, and lots more. This Yathra is woven from a special Hand Made Instrument call Three-Tha.


PLEASE contact us of your advance interest in this product line . We will contact you upon our return . samsaragear@outlook.com