Kathmandu Yoga Mat Sling Bags in Many Colors & Patterns

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There's nothing quite as sacred and personal as your yoga gear. You want a yoga bag that is comfortable, functional and says something about your practice. This one of a kind sling bag is hand woven from the highest quality textiles that Nepal produces. Not only does it speak to your discipline; as a direct import from the Himalayas , it embodies a true Buddhist spirit. Forget LuLu, this is gear for true yogis. Exclusively made by our women collaborators in Thamel District of Kathmandu. Top loading or side zipper for easy access.

Several in traditional Gyari Pattern :

Gyari - Detailed Meaning. Gyari develops positivity, independence, and self-confidence. Being self-assured and self-reliant, you are naturally inclined toward operating your own business or pursuing opportunities where your sense of freedom would not be curtailed.

.  With a Gyari Yoga Mat sling Bag matters of the heart will always come first! Logic often times loses against emotions within your life. Sensitive, generous you do what the heart desires but this can lead to messy situations.

Therefore learn how to better manage your emotions. It is one of the reasons why you need to mark your daily habits and benchmarks. You are indeed a cyclonic character who evolves depending on their emotions and you are quite difficult to understand.

Despite a form of shyness, you are sociable and pleasant. Aspiring towards harmony you need to be of help to someone in order to feel useful.