Gyari Pattern Round Top Backpack

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Now that Boho backpacks have become all the rage, it's hard to stand out and make a statement with a functional bag. This multicolored Gyari pattern backpack is completely one of a kind. With an elegant line and a lively hand stitched design, this backpack is guaranteed to turn heads. Hand made in Nepal, the backpack's organic fabric is extremely strong yet unbelievably soft to the touch. This backpack bids 'namaste' to every person in your path. 

Round top backpack in assorted fabrics measure 13″ wide X 17″ tall X 5.5″ deep.  Closes with a simple zipper, two front pockets with zipper closures and one flap for added detail.  Two water bottle holders on the sides with elastic band and padded inner pocket with security strap for a laptop.

This backpack is perfect for grades K - 12 and college students.