Hemp Clutch or Shoulder Bag

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Hemp is one of the few fabrics of the enlightened. It's durable, organic and looks amazing - thanks in part to its true hemp emblem. If you're searching for an every day shoulder bag built from the best hemp, one that's constructed using two hands and a loom, this is the item that marks the end of your journey. This bag has seen the Himalayas, but it has never known a factory floor. It's also downright cool and fashionable. A real deal item for real deal Bohemians.



Our hemp clutches are the epitome of everyday Bohemian style. Hand woven from organic, high quality, breathable hemp, they are light yet exceptionally strong. While compact and easy to carry, they offer ample room and a place to keep your items safe and cool. The brilliant craftsmanship means this could be the last clutch purse you have to buy for years. Don't forget, each bag comes directly from Nepal - which means it's infused with a spirit of the East. You won't find this quality anywhere else.


This bag measures 12 inches by 12 inches and comes in classic messenger style.