Women's Gyari Small Shoulder Bags

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Our women's shoulder bags are one part tote, one part totem and one part work of art. This Gyari design shoulder bag has more than enough space for your yoga class or a trip out of town. Hand woven in Nepal from organic cotton, it offers a distinct design that is 100% unique. In addition to being beautiful, sturdy and light, it also possesses a spirit of the East that only comes from being sourced and developed in the Himalayas. This is a Bohemian fashion piece you'll truly connect with. 

Each design is named in honor of Buddhism and Right Living. 

*A note on the history of Gyari design: Gyari is a village in the Chamdo prefecture in Eastern Tibet. While they're known for originating the intricate, multicolored, joyous design that employs a range of geometric lines and shapes, their neighbors in Nepal and Bhutan truly perfected the aesthetic over the past few hundred years. 

Bags measure 8 inches by 10 inches.